27 December, 2015


I recently took a course in Positive Psychology. It’s provided by Coursera, an education platform that partners with top universities and organizations worldwide, to offer courses online for anyone […]
4 February, 2015
dogs and dog lover

Worthy of Dogs and Dog Lovers

Tillie Tillie is my sweet dog, the only one we have right now. We could not love here more. She is cuddly, funny, playful … just […]
23 January, 2015
LEGO: More Than Just Blocks!

LEGO: More Than Just Blocks!

How I Fell in Love with LEGO As a child, I truly enjoyed playing with building toys — Tinker Toys, Erector sets, and LEGO bricks. Way back […]
4 January, 2015
The IT Crowd

Roku for TV Worth Watching

My husband and I are huge fans of British TV. One day as I was googling around trying to discover some new British shows, I stumbled […]