From the Kitchen Of…

Remember when … most cooks kept their recipes (usually hand-written) in a special little “recipe card box”? Each recipe card was typically preprinted with the words “From the kitchen of.” Some of us, probably not many, still continue this rather lovely tradition. Do you?

christmas wreath cookies

Christmas Recipe Box

These cookies are “from the kitchen of” Marie Woods, known to all in my family as “Tollie.” Aunt Tollie is one of my favorite aunts (she passed away many years ago). She was kind, generous, and just all-around nice. Aunt Tollie was also a very good cook, so of course she kept a recipe file. Here is a picture of her hand-written recipe:


The cookies are so very pretty, and so very delicious. They would make terrific gifts!

Christmas Wreath Cookies

To get the recipe for Christmas Wreath Cookies, please visit my guest post on Snippets of Inspiration. Here is the link: Christmas Wreath Cookies. While you are there, be sure to take a look around. Danielle Wells is a wonderful blogger friend of mine. Her Snippets of Inspiration truly is a homemaking blog that inspires action! Danielle blogs about just about every facet of homemaking. You will find great recipes, cleaning tips, beauty tips, and terrific crafting ideas. There are also articles on marriage and spirituality that teach and inspire.

  • Jaime


    I still have a recipe box, which contains many hand-written cards holding the keys to some delicious food. Many of my favorite recipes are burned into my memory yet I still pull out the cards when I make them. There’s something special about recipe cards and a recipe box in the kitchen. As a cook and baker, they’re part of my toolbox. 🙂

    I’m looking forward to checking out your Aunt Tolly’s Christmas wreath cookie recipe. It sounds like the perfect compliment to my leg lamp cookies.
    Thanks for sharing!


    • Hi Jaime, I love the idea of pairing up the wreath cookies with the leg lamp cookies! I’m glad that you have continued with a recipe box. There definitely is something special about them!

      Thanks for visiting and sharing.

      We wish you the nicest possible Christmas, and blesiings all year!

  • Linda Sand

    My mother’s wreath cookies don’t look like your Aunt Tollie’s cookies. Mom’s used the Krispy Square recipe except using corn flakes instead and adding green food coloring. Shape them into a wreath on aluminum foil and dot with red hots. When set, tie a ribbon on them. Easy but festive.

    Most of my recipes are now on my computer but some refuse to leave my recipe box.

    • Hello Linda,
      Thanks for sharing your Mom’s recipe with us.
      Keep that recipe box!
      Wishing you many blessings this holiday season and always, Carol