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2 November, 2015
Iceland, Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon during a night with northern lights seen from east beach, a landscape depicting the universe.....The green color is the oxygene, while the purple one is nitrogen....in case you see red color, that is still the oxygene

Three Areas of Oneness

As time goes by I find myself feeling less alone and less afraid of death. I attribute these feelings to an increasingly strong belief in what […]
30 October, 2015
three areas of oneness

Life at One Hundred Percent

Life at one hundred percent! I recently saw that phrase being used in an advert for a cordless battery charger. That got me thinking … what does it mean […]
18 October, 2015
quick ways to feel happier today

No Time for Happiness? Quick Ways to Feel Happier Today

In this hectic world many of us feel that we don’t have time for happiness! Take a quick stroll with me around the happiness map, and […]
10 October, 2015
butternut-broccoli soup

Butternut-Broccoli Soup

I threw this soup together using some butternut squash and broccoli that I wanted to use up. With the addition of a few other ingredients I […]