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31 May, 2015
Earth Day Embrace

Simple Living Could Save Our Planet

If  the material consumption of a fraction of humanity is already harming the planet, is there an alternative path that enables all of humanity to live […]
27 May, 2015
room to relax

A Room To Relax In

You can create a room that will help you relax just by following these few easy steps: Choose a room that you know is quiet for […]
19 May, 2015
elements of a relaxing home

10 Basic Elements Of a Relaxing Home

Just relaxing at home is one of the best ways to simplify our lives. Here are the basic elements of a relaxing home. Incorporate them into […]
19 May, 2015
authentic happiness

The Science of Authentic Happiness

All of us share a desire to achieve freer, happier, more meaningful, and more productive lives. That is what is driving the trend towards the simple […]