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17 January, 2015
let's play pretend

Play Pretend {It’s Not Just for Kids!}

  Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes. ~Carl Jung~ Pretend Play for Children Child psychologist’s have long been touting the importance of pretend play.  “Imaginative […]
15 January, 2015
photo by U.S. Mission Uganda under a Flickr Creative Commons license

Overcoming Prejudice

We know that prejudice can wreak all kinds of harm — on societies as well as individuals, on perpetrators as well as victims. The scope can […]
11 January, 2015
Dave and Alicia

The Real True Superstars

Who are the real true superstars in our world today? There are literally millions of them. Here are just ten examples. Mary Johnson Mary Johnson shows us […]
7 January, 2015
MLK Dream 2

Martin Luther King and Pope Francis

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2015 will be celebrated on Monday, January 19. Today, as I was listening to Tom Ashbrook’s Francis’ Radical Take On The […]