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30 September, 2014

Such Fun!

Such fun! This post was inspired by Miranda, a BBC television sitcom written by and starring British comedian Miranda Hart. Miranda’s pushy and downright embarrassing mother, Penny, is […]
27 September, 2014
Photo by Smeerch under a Creative Commons license

Fitness 101

Benefits of Exercise It’s a widely accepted fact that exercise has many benefits. But did you know that exercise can increase your metabolism? Furthermore, unless we continue […]
21 September, 2014
Photo by Pete Zarria under a Flickr Creative Commons license

Have a Good Day – Really

Have you every had a day that started out great, but suddenly turned sour? Think about the last time that happened. What dark clouds obliterated your sunny […]
15 September, 2014
Photo by Alosh Bennett under a Creative Commons license

Can Money Buy Happiness?

Can money buy happiness? No, but how you spend it could! A large body of sociological and psychological research has emerged which suggests that once human […]