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7 May, 2016
message on poverty

A Very Important Message On Poverty

I just received an email from Bernie Sanders containing an important message on poverty. The contents of the email are shared here. The email includes a video which I […]
1 May, 2016
inequality hurts us all

Inequality Hurts Us All

If you live in America today, inequality is hurting you big time. Whatever your social class, inequality is hurting you. And in ways you may not even dream of. […]
12 April, 2016
my garden 009

The Accidental Gardener

What is the best superlative to describe gardening?  I choose “awesome.” It’s relaxing, yet good exercise. It’s creative, yet does not require you to be a […]
11 April, 2016
go to the mattresses

Battling Adversity? Go To The Mattresses

Have you seen the movie You’ve Got Mail? It’s a charming romantic comedy, directed by Nora Ephron, and starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. It’s also […]