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9 May, 2014
Solstice dawn at Stonehenge

Starting Over

Starting Over Is Part Of Life Earth is reborn every Spring Dawn greets a new day New babies are born all the time, giving us hope and […]
4 May, 2014
Because of Your Love I Am Free

Saving One Another

Saving Mr. Banks Have you seen the film Saving Mr. Banks? It’s a great film.These two reviews help explain why: The Soul’s Story of Redemption: Mary Poppins & Saving […]
2 May, 2014
photo by Prem Sichanugrist under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license

O Is For Olive Oil

All About Olive Oil Donald Hensrud, M.D. explains the health benefits of olive oil: The main type of fat found in all kinds of olive oil is monounsaturated […]
28 April, 2014

Real Wisdom from Imaginary Worlds

Wisdom need not be dry or ponderous. On the contrary it can be light-hearted, fun, funny, and entertaining. Another neat characteristic of wisdom – it need not come from […]