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10 April, 2016
Finding Your Dream Home

Easy Beginning Gardener Tips

Having your first garden can be fun and easy. Here are easy beginning gardener tips to get you off to a good start: Start out small. […]
5 April, 2016
climate change is the biggest challenge of our time

Climate Change Is the Biggest Challenge of Our Time

Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time. The truth is, unless we can successfully solve climate change, what we do with regard to our other problems […]
31 March, 2016
on the other side of hate

On The Other Side of Hate

There is fear, terror, actual violence, palpable hate, attacks, and senseless shootings. It is suffocating. It is degrading. It is vile. It is all too much. […]
28 March, 2016
inequality is ruining our country

Inequality Is Ruining Our Country

Wealth and Income Inequality Widens – Wake Up, Americans! Over the first weekend in March 2013, a YouTube video breaking down income inequality in America went […]