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18 October, 2013
becoming vegetarian

Becoming Vegetarian

What’s your eating style? Would you like to move toward a more healthful diet? Are you concerned about the horrendous treatment of factory-farmed animals?  Are you […]
11 October, 2013
Cabbage-Potato-Carrot Soup

Cabbage-Potato-Carrot Soup

A Family Favorite: Cabbage-Potato-Carrot Soup This delicious Cabbage-Potato-Carrot Soup is so quick and easy. It’s a family favorite! Try it and add it to your own collection […]
11 October, 2013
hubbard squash

H Is For Hubbard Squash

All About  Hubbard Squash Hubbard squash is a variety of winter squash. It is a larger-sized squash that can be dark green, grey-blue or orange-red in […]
7 October, 2013

Baker’s Dozen Most Life-Affirming Movies

life-affirming adjective having an emotionally or spiritually uplifting effect:meeting these people was a life-affirming experience – Oxford Dictionaries Presenting My Baker’s Dozen Most Life-Affirming Movies Lars […]