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2 October, 2013
awesome easy burritos

Awesome Easy Burritos

“A burrito … is a type of Mexican food. It consists of a wheat flour tortilla wrapped or folded into a cylindrical shape to completely enclose a filling. … The flour tortilla […]
1 October, 2013
Mindfulness Matters

Mindfulness Matters

But wait! First, what is mindfulness? “Mindfulness is a way to live your life as if it really mattered. And that involves being in the present […]
27 September, 2013

Chillaxin Chili with Maple Cornbread

Chillaxin Chili with Maple Cornbread – a perfect pair for a warming and delicious autumn supper. The cornbread is also wonderful on its own, especially with […]
24 September, 2013
photo by by irrezolut

7 Simple Living Steps

Do you want to simplify your life? You are in good company! Wondering where to start? I can help! So what is simple living anyway? “It […]