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13 May, 2013

Social Media for Social Change

Forbes Thought Of The Day “ The palest ink is better than the best memory. ” — Chinese Proverb Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein define social […]
24 April, 2013

Build Your Own Burrito

Tex-Mex For Everyone! This is so easy, so fun, and so delicious! It is mostly a matter of assembling the fixings, with little actual cooking involved. […]
21 April, 2013
romantic accents for your home

10 Romantic Accents For Your Home

Here are 10 romantic accents for your home. Why not try them today? Candles – White or cream-colored pillar candles are very romantic. Soy-based ones burn […]
15 April, 2013
peace lily

Easy, Breezy Natural Air Fresheners

The EPA says indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air! What’s a busy girl to do? Well, here are a few of the easiest things you can […]