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18 November, 2015
Christmas Wreath Cookies

Christmas Wreath Cookies

From the Kitchen Of… Remember when … most cooks kept their recipes (usually hand-written) in a special little “recipe card box”? Each recipe card was typically […]
14 November, 2015
Four Faiths, Praying Together

Five Faiths Praying Together

I believe that there are many paths to God. The more we learn about each other’s beliefs, the greater our understanding of the meaning of life, […]
11 November, 2015
gratitude is not just for Thanksgiving

Gratitude is Not Just for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is a U.S. holiday that dates back to colonial times. In November 1621, after the Pilgrims’ first corn harvest proved successful, Governor William Bradford organized a […]
7 November, 2015

Experiencing Positive Psychology at the Movies

Movies are a powerful and enjoyable medium for learning about the concepts and the real-life benefits of positive psychology. There’s even a book, Positive Psychology at […]