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4 March, 2016
minimalism puts money in its place

Minimalism Puts Money In Its Place

The expression “You can’t take it with you” originates from a film of the same name. This quote, spoken by the film’s character Grandpa Martin Vanderhoff, encapsulates the meaning of the […]
25 February, 2016
the myths and magic of decluttering

Myths and Magic of Decluttering

Have you tried decluttering ? Judging from all of the media attention this topic has received, you probably have. Were you satisfied with the results? Did […]
4 January, 2016
running on empty

Running on Empty? Here’s How to Refuel!

Do you ever feel like you are “running on empty”? When that feeling strikes, try these five tips to refuel your passion for living. Learn Something New […]
2 November, 2015
Iceland, Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon during a night with northern lights seen from east beach, a landscape depicting the universe.....The green color is the oxygene, while the purple one is nitrogen....in case you see red color, that is still the oxygene

Three Areas of Oneness

As time goes by I find myself feeling less alone and less afraid of death. I attribute these feelings to an increasingly strong belief in what […]