25 February, 2016
the myths and magic of decluttering

Myths and Magic of Decluttering

Have you tried decluttering ? Judging from all of the media attention this topic has received, you probably have. Were you satisfied with the results? Did […]
8 December, 2014

Why Minimalism? What’s Wrong With More?

Minimalism for You and Mother Earth By now you have probably heard of “minimalism,” “downsizing,” and “decluttering.” If you would like some clarification as to what these […]
14 March, 2014
decluttering mini-course

Decluttering Decisions

The Simple Mechanics On the surface, decluttering seems such a simple thing. Why then is it such a hot topic these days? Surely the physical mechanics […]
24 September, 2013
photo by by irrezolut

7 Simple Living Steps

Do you want to simplify your life? You are in good company! Wondering where to start? I can help! So what is simple living anyway? “It […]