19 February, 2015
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Have More Fun With Less Money

Discover countless ways to have more fun with less money! At the same time, improve your health and well-being, expand your horizons, and help others! Read […]
10 February, 2015
more fun for less money

10 Ways to Have More Fun for Less Money

1. Take a walk in the woods. Did you happen to hear the NPR radio program “Noticing: How To Take A Walk In The Woods”? You […]
1 January, 2015
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Live Better With Less!

Okay, so the economy has caused you – like millions of other Americans – to have to make do with less than before. What if that […]
17 February, 2014
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3 Easy Steps to a Simple Stylish Wardrobe

How can you have a wardrobe that’s simple and uncomplicated, yet still stylish from year to year? Easy! This system I’ve created to simplify my own wardrobe (and life!) is […]