19 July, 2016
the truth about aging

The Truth About Aging

How do you feel about aging? Answer that one question, and you can predict your future. Do you perceive aging negatively? If you do, it’s probably because […]
22 March, 2016
Diet for a Healthy Planet

Diet for a Healthy Planet

Global warming is very real, and it is the preeminent danger to human civilization today. Climate scientists increasingly focus on food production as a source of heat-trapping […]
4 January, 2016
running on empty

Running on Empty? Here’s How to Refuel!

Do you ever feel like you are “running on empty”? When that feeling strikes, try these five tips to refuel your passion for living. Learn Something New […]
28 September, 2015

Rewire Your Brain for a Better Life

This is BIG! You can rewire your brain for a better life. For example, meditation could stave off memory loss, and even slow the progression of […]