14 December, 2015
science of hope

The Science of Hope Brightens Our Future

As we celebrate our end-of-year holidays, and anticipate a new year, let’s pause to assess our evolution as a species. We are learning how to become better human beings. And […]
31 January, 2015
Photo by Alice popkorn under a Flickr Creative Commons license

Never Give Up Hope

Why We Must Never Give Up Hope To abandon hope is to give in to fear. And then fear freezes us so that we cannot act. […]
28 January, 2015
Thomas Cole (1801–1848), The Oxbow, View from Mount Holyoke, Northampton, Massachusetts, after a Thunderstorm, 1836, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Upside of Climate Change

Climate change has an upside. It’s the prime force in the perfect storm that will transform our world. The recent economic turmoil also has an upside. Climate change and economic turmoil […]
20 December, 2014

Let Hope Be Your Bridge Over Troubled Waters

What Hope Means To Me Hope is a special kind of faith – it’s choosing to believe that things will get better – but it’s not […]