31 March, 2016
on the other side of hate

On The Other Side of Hate

There is fear, terror, actual violence, palpable hate, attacks, and senseless shootings. It is suffocating. It is degrading. It is vile. It is all too much. […]
14 December, 2015
science of hope

The Science of Hope Brightens Our Future

As we celebrate our end-of-year holidays, and anticipate a new year, let’s pause to assess our evolution as a species. We are learning how to become better human beings. And […]
14 November, 2015
Four Faiths, Praying Together

Five Faiths Praying Together

I believe that there are many paths to God. The more we learn about each other’s beliefs, the greater our understanding of the meaning of life, […]
12 August, 2015
dog and deer

Our Deep Ties With Dogs

Dogs and humans are meant for one another. And dogs can teach us how to become better humans … more mindful, grateful, forgiving, and loving. In […]