4 March, 2016
minimalism puts money in its place

Minimalism Puts Money In Its Place

The expression “You can’t take it with you” originates from a film of the same name. This quote, spoken by the film’s character Grandpa Martin Vanderhoff, encapsulates the meaning of the […]
28 January, 2015
Thomas Cole (1801–1848), The Oxbow, View from Mount Holyoke, Northampton, Massachusetts, after a Thunderstorm, 1836, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Upside of Climate Change

Climate change has an upside. It’s the prime force in the perfect storm that will transform our world. The recent economic turmoil also has an upside. Climate change and economic turmoil […]
8 December, 2014

Why Minimalism? What’s Wrong With More?

Minimalism for You and Mother Earth By now you have probably heard of “minimalism,” “downsizing,” and “decluttering.” If you would like some clarification as to what these […]
23 April, 2014

Voluntary Simplicity – The Time Is Right

Simple Living “Simple living” – sounds so appealing in today’s frazzled world. Yes, given the state of many lives these days, it is no wonder that […]