UN Art For Peace

Artist: Anastasia K. Location: Kaliningrad, Russia Age: 11 “I drew a dove, symbol of peace and kindness, to protect the world from war and bloodshed!”

A unique ballet performance opened in Copenhagen on May 22nd. Danish soldiers who lost limbs to mines in Afghanistan are performing with ballerinas in an anti-war production called “Contact.” See Dancing with the wounds of war.

dream of world without war

“I dream of a world where there’s no need for war.”

This Memorial Day let’s remember and honor all who have suffered the wounds of war. World War I was supposed to be “the war to end all wars.” If only it had been.

In an earlier post I stated my firm belief that Peace IS Possible, and I still do believe it. In this post, I will simply share the wisdom of other peace-makers.

A MASSIVE SONG FOR PEACE IN NIGERIA. Song features a Nigerian All-Star ensemble. Song is part of the Neighbour 2 Neighbour Peace Project album. Written by Steve Gukas and produced by Wole Oni and Jeremiah Gyang. Video was shot is Lagos and Abuja, directed by Steve Gukas, DOP Leo Nformi.

“With peace we can grieve no more.”

His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet

Dalai Lama

His Holiness the Dalai Lama with Christian, Sikh, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist leaders in Edinburgh, Scotland, on June 22, 2012. Photo/Jeremy Russell/OHHDL

The Dalai Lama’s website includes his essay A Human Approach to World Peace, in which he shares his personal outlook that :

Universal humanitarianism is essential to solve global problems;
Compassion is the pillar of world peace;
All world religions are already for world peace in this way, as are all humanitarians of whatever ideology;
Each individual has a universal responsibility to shape institutions to serve human needs.

The essay ends with this beautiful prayer:

I have written the above lines
To tell my constant feeling.
Whenever I meet even a ‘foreigner’,
I have always the same feeling:
‘I am meeting another member of the human family.,
This attitude has deepened
My affection and respect for all beings.
May this natural wish be
My small contribution to world peace.
I pray for a more friendly,
More caring, and more understanding
Human family on this planet.
To all who dislike suffering,
Who cherish lasting happiness –
This is my heartfelt appeal.

Pope Francis I

pope francis in the middle east

Peace is not something which can be bought. It is a gift to be sought patiently and to be crafted through actions, great and small, of our everyday lives. The way of peace is strengthened if we realize that we are all of the same stock and members of the one human family.


Peace Begins With Each One of Us

Peace Is Found on the Inside

We have heard it many times …. “Peace begins with me.”

I encourage you to read Simple Ways You Can Learn and Teach Loving-Kindness. Learn how to practice loving-kindness meditation, which, says  Sharon Salzberg  “gives you a new way to connect with everyone—even the difficult people in your life.” You’ll also find tips on how to practice loving-kindness in everyday life, and how to teach loving-kindness to children.

A Litany for Memorial Day

Memorial Day originally commemorated soldiers killed in the American Civil War (1868). Its observance later extended to all those from the United States who died in war. As we observe Memorial Day, we remember the men and women who have sacrificed their lives that we might live in freedom. We honor them and their families who mourn their loss.Let us pray that we may never take for granted the precious freedom that is the legacy of those men and women who died.

One: We pray that we may learn to love one another.
People: God, hear our prayer.

One: We remember those who have loved us enough to lay down their
lives for us and pray that they may rest in peace.
People: God, hear our prayer.

One: We pray that you would comfort all those who mourn the loss in
war of a loved one.
People: God, hear our prayer.

One: We pray that we may never take the freedoms we have for granted
and will share them with others.
People: God, hear our prayer.

One: We pray that you will remove greed, envy, and lust for power and
control from our hearts and the hearts of all people.
People: God, hear our prayer.

One: We pray that you will root out racism, sexism, and violence from
our lives, our communities, our nation, and our world.
People: God, hear our prayer.

One: We pray that we may learn to share the world’s resources with all
and not hoard them for ourselves.
People: God, hear our prayer.

One: We pray that we may learn to wage peace so that no more people
will die in war.
People: God, hear our prayer.

One: We pray all these things in the name of Jesus Christ, trusting in the
promise that whatever we ask in Christ’s name, you will give.
People: Amen.

This litany was written by Eileen Norrington, ministerial authorization coordinator for the Parish Life and Leadership Ministry Team (PLL) of Local Church Ministries: A Covenanted Ministry of the United Church of Christ.

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  • lyle @ The Joy of Simple

    Beautiful post Carol. Peace is definitely within us and wow…I had never heard of Contact before, but what an idea for a ballet!!

    Thanks for sharing and take care. All the best.


    • Hello Lyle, Yes! I agree … what an idea for a ballet! I think I heard about it on NPR, and it’s what inspired this post.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!